How Kim Dao Ended Up In Japan

Before all the fame and acknowledgement from social media, Kim Dao had a simple dream and that is to visit Japan. Just like every one of us, she wanted to visit the melting pot of technology and culture that up to now, are still thriving. And just like every one of us, she fell in love with the place and vowed that someday, she will spend more time in order to learn about it and experience the things that it can still offer. One thing is for sure up to this point, and that is the fact that she achieved one of her goals.

The Online Sensation

We can say that it would be really hard not to tell the world what Japan really is when you are already there. There are so many things to say after all and they cannot be done in just one day. This is the reason why Kim Dao started her video blogs and sure enough, the world went crazy and followed her on YouTube. What she is portraying in her videos are the things that we can see in everyday Japan and for so many reasons, we can say that that is the true essence of the place.


We can also safely say that she capitalized on information that we would not normally see in the internet. We have to admit that most of the things that we see in the internet about Japan is a bit too sensationalized. This is actually a good thing since it reflects what we can really experience when we go to japan not as visitors but citizens who are trying to experience a particular place in the world. This is a very important thing nowadays, even only in the digital world, because it allows us to see into another perspective, especially one that is from another culture.