It’s Simple To Install A Magento Form Builder Extension

One of the best platforms made today is the magento form builder extension, in this platform online businesses can add an customize their own stores in magento including other features. The business owner can choose to add theme or select other forms of feature, web services and also marketing tools to enhance his magento platform.

Improving Browsing Experience
Online business owners today rely in the power of magento to improve the browsing experiences of their customers when they browse their products. With the extension on the other hand it provides another way to improve the looks of the platform due to new features and abilities offered.

The new features are made possible because of the people behind the platform they made sure that the magento community will live up to the expectations of the people relying on it, and to the people who constantly used it.

How To Install?

With magento form builder extension  you can install it with SSH, MConnect or via FTP upload.

  1. If you decide to do it with MConnect you have to secure the product key, this is free extension
  2. If its a paid extension, you must download the required files and its license key
  3. If you want the best result, it is suggested that you must upload the files to FTP root directory
  • Procedure 1: Upload the extension to FTP root directory
  • Procedure 2: Unzip the folder where the extension can be found
  • Procedure 3: Copy the App folder to your store RD using FTP
  • Procedure 4: Go to Magento admin panel, check for back-up, disable the compilations and clear the cache
  • Procedure 5: Log out of admin panel and log in again
  • Procedure 6: Activate the magento extension, make sure to provide the license key
  • Procedure 7: Confirm the installation and activate it