Getting To Know The Real Kim Dao

If you keep tabs on YouTube’s trending videos, you will be able to tell which celebrities have the most viewed videos on the platform. And when someone is famous, you just have that urge to check him or her out; like what is he or she doing to get this so much attention? There must be something fun and useful in them.

Most web streaming viewers get frustrated with cut films due to an endorsement in the middle of it. But what they do not know is the fact that those endorsements are the source of money. Companies pay the online stars to include their products and services in their web page in order to get prospects.

Who is Kim Dao?
Kim Dao is one of the online influencers or celebrities found in both YouTube and Twitch. If you are constantly following her posts, you would know the history of how she became a star in her young age. And, you would definitely know what Japan means to her; how the country and its people changed her life.

Although she is living in Japan today, she is originally from Australia, and is an Australian citizen. However, she said in one of her blogs that her ethnicity goes back to Vietnam. Quite interesting, right? She loves to travel too. That is why her videos also consist of reviews and product hauls from different stores mostly in Japan and Korea. She just adores both countries’ skin care products. If you are also interested in Asian fashion style, you can also search videos of her smizing up to the camera with her own personally picks. And, finally, what makes matters more interesting is that she does live streaming. This means that as a fan and a subscriber, you can interact with her during the segment.