100 Must-Do Trips In Japan, Courtesy Of Kim Dao On YouTube

Are you planning on going on a trip to Japan?
If so then you would need all the tips that you can read about to prepare you. This is important especially if it is your first time to go on a trip to another country. This is also where YouTubers like KimDao can actually help you. Dao is well known to travel around Japan and if you are looking for one of the best Japan travel vlogs then you can always check out her channel.

You can learn more about Japan as well as the culture and what are the dos and the don’ts that you should do while visiting the country. Dao has a guide for 100 must-do trips when it comes to traveling to Japan and she gives you tips out of her own traveling experiences.

Where You Should Start When Traveling To Japan?
The Kim Dao YouTube channel has a lot of information when it comes to traveling to Japan and it will answer some of your questions when you try and watch some of her travel vlogs. One thing that you need to do when going to Japan is thinking about what you want to fo there.

Are you in Japan to shop or to go to different cities? Are you in the country for sightseeing or you simply want to meet up with local friends? This is important since it will plot the course if where your trip will start and how it will eventually conclude.

Planning Who You Should Be Going With
When going to other countries alone, it would be important to determine if you can do it or not. It can take a lot to travel alone and you also need to be familiar with the country you are going to. There is nothing wrong when you want to go to Japan with companions since it will also be more fun. There can be some setbacks in traveling with groups, but it will still depend on you and where you’re more comfortable with.

Are Expensive Nail Supplies Really Worth The Cost?

So you’ve finally decided to start doing your nails on your own. That’s great! You’ll now save more time and money. Going to the salon every week to get your nails done is expensive. Although you’re paying for good service, you can still do it at home anyway. And now that you’ve finally come to terms with doing nails at home, there are certain things you need to learn. Below are some questions that you may have in mind and the answers to them.

Q1: Do I need to have every item there is in the salon?
If you’re just beginning to do your own nails, it’s always better to start with the basics. Trimming and cleaning nails are the foundations of keeping one’s nail hygiene maintained. You will only need a couple of tools such as a nail clipper, nail file, cuticle pusher, cuticle remover, cuticle oils, and a top coat.

Q2: How much should I spend on these tools?
Doing your nails for the first time is a trial and error. You can start by purchasing tools coming from brands that are known to have good quality. Owning nail supplies doesn’t have to be too expensive. There are high-quality products that come with a price. But buying the most expensive tool there is can just be another cost when it works just as fine as cheaper ones.

Q3: Where do I buy nail supplies?
You will never run out of options when it comes to looking for the perfect nail supplies for you. There are physical stores that you can go to that specialize in nail care. And there are trusted online shops as well that are notable for the quality of products that they sell.

Q4: Should I enroll myself in nail technician classes?
If you want to advance a career in being a nail technician classes, you are free to do so. These courses will give you more knowledge on how to keep your nails in good shape all the time. And this is especially great if you’re planning to have a nail salon business someday.

Why Kim Dao Is Now All Over Japanese TV

There are many vloggers that you can find in Japan nowadays. This is not surprising since Japan is a very interesting place to go to and you can travel from one place to another fairly easily. Apart from that the fashion scene in Japan is also impressive and is heaven for those who want to find cute and cool clothing.

Apart from that Japan also has a great makeup line wherein you can shop all you want to get products for your skin and even for your hair. This is why a lot of bloggers and vloggers come to Japan to get to know more about what is new and at the same time, to learn and visit places filled with Japanese culture.

The Reception Of Japanese Inspired YouTuber Channels
Kim Dao is one of the more popular YouTubers that are based in Japan and she has also gotten the attention of the media several times. You might find articles about Dao online and she has also appeared on Japanese TV. Dao has collaborated with a number of Japanese fashion brands and at the same time makeup brands from Japan as well.

Through her audience, she shows how these Japanese brands work for her and in turn, she is sharing Japan’s culture to the world. Knowing that Dao loves and respects Japan, working with various Japanese brands and sharing it with her viewers is surely a dream come true.

The Growing Field Of YouTube Japan
Japanese YouTube channels are not only focused on Japanese and their YouTube channels anymore. You can find people like Dao who are in the English-language community and are referred to as J-vloggers. These types of vloggers are non-Japanese but they film their everyday life in Japan.

Most J-vloggers have very raw blog type videos or vlogs which is also a huge theme in many of the Japan vlogs that you can find nowadays. This is just one of the many varieties of content that you can find in Dao’s channel.

YouTube Is A Great Source For Demos On How To Clip Hair

We have talked about hair clippers and it is exciting to know more about this simple tool. Hair clippers are handy and someone can easily learn how to use it. If you watch barbers, perhaps your brain has developed ways on how you can control, manage and drive a hair clipper. On the other hand, you can really learn how to clip hair. How? What should you do?

How Can You Learn to Clip Hair?
You can learn through observing someone who is an expert in clipping hairs. Create a vivid look at how they move the hair clipper as well as how they manage to beautifully cut someone’s hair. Of course, you have to ask questions if you are not sure on how to do certain moves they do. Aside from observing someone doing the real hair clipping thing, there is another thing that might help you. What will it be?

You can watch for YouTube videos as regards to demonstrations on how they clip hair. Videos are almost the same with watching closely someone clipping hair. Only one thing, you cannot ask questions from demonstrations streamed in the video show.

Nonetheless, YouTube is a great source for demonstrations on how to clip hair. You can slow down the segment in order for you to fully grasp what is being shown. Of course, to put everything into practice, you might need to do it in the real world.

Indeed, men and women today have become more conscious about how they look. They attend to barbershops or hair spas now and then to clip, trim, and coat their hairs. On the other hand, tools used in hair clipping are getting improved as technology progresses each passing year. Make hair clipping a talent of yours.

Getting To Know The Real Kim Dao

If you keep tabs on YouTube’s trending videos, you will be able to tell which celebrities have the most viewed videos on the platform. And when someone is famous, you just have that urge to check him or her out; like what is he or she doing to get this so much attention? There must be something fun and useful in them.

Most web streaming viewers get frustrated with cut films due to an endorsement in the middle of it. But what they do not know is the fact that those endorsements are the source of money. Companies pay the online stars to include their products and services in their web page in order to get prospects.

Who is Kim Dao?
Kim Dao is one of the online influencers or celebrities found in both YouTube and Twitch. If you are constantly following her posts, you would know the history of how she became a star in her young age. And, you would definitely know what Japan means to her; how the country and its people changed her life.

Although she is living in Japan today, she is originally from Australia, and is an Australian citizen. However, she said in one of her blogs that her ethnicity goes back to Vietnam. Quite interesting, right? She loves to travel too. That is why her videos also consist of reviews and product hauls from different stores mostly in Japan and Korea. She just adores both countries’ skin care products. If you are also interested in Asian fashion style, you can also search videos of her smizing up to the camera with her own personally picks. And, finally, what makes matters more interesting is that she does live streaming. This means that as a fan and a subscriber, you can interact with her during the segment.

Installment Loans – Pros And Cons

Wondering what an installment loan is and if you can avail it?
There are many types of personal loans and many of them also exist for short-term purposes. If you have sudden financial troubles then these installment loans would be the perfect solution.

When you talk about installment loans, you are looking at multi-payment loans that you can pay in a period of time and in an equal amount of installments. These loans are designed to fit your needs and they are also very consumer-friendly.

The Pros When It Comes To Installment Loans
There is a long list of installment loans that you can find online and you simply need to pick one that will suit your needs the best. They can be very easy to manage and you can easily break down a big sum into smaller payments. The loans are manageable and they will not be hard on your finances as well.

Since you are also paying a fixed payment for the installment, you can manage your finances in advance. You don’t need to worry about sudden payments and you can keep your spending in control. Another thing about this is that since you are paying in small installments, you are also likely paying a small interest.

The Cons When It Comes To Installment Loans
There are some simple drawbacks as well that you can look into when you want to make sure that installment loans are for you. A lot of lenders would carry stringent checks on your credit score as well as debt to income ratio and even verification of your current income certificates. These types of checks may be higher than some other short-term loans.

There are also some lenders that would not allow prepayment or pre-closure of the loan. This can happen even if you want to pay a higher amount per month. You can even find some lenders that would grant penalties for this.

How Does Kim Dao Post So Much Stuff On YouTube?

Nowadays, many people have been creating accounts for every social media site there is. They have Facebook, Instagram, and many others. They are using these accounts to follow their idols and follow some influential and famous online personality. They have subscribed and be notified when these famous online personalities post new content and videos. Their feed has a lot of uploaded pictures and videos of their idols. In this way, they get updated with the everyday life of their idols.

Kim Dao: The Emerging Youtube Blogger
Kim Dao is gaining a lot of attention and followers on her many social media accounts. Many followers have subscribed to her channel on Youtube. Kim Dao Youtube Channel is where she posts and uploads her videos and content for her followers to get updated and to know her views on relevant issues nowadays. Kim Dao is an Australian beauty blogger and Youtuber. At first, she was blogging and writing her thoughts only. She first started to upload her trip to Japan, and when her readers got interested in the content, she continued blogging and uploading videos and photos on social media sites.

Kim Dao Channel
Kim Dao Youtube Channel has been growing online and has many subscribers. Most of her followers are girls because she uploads videos that contains make-up tutorials and online reviews of make-up brands. She uploads pictures and videos of the places and countries she has been. She captures and shares with her followers the greatness and beauty of the place featured. At the start, Kim Dao was investing to travel videos, but she also has been uploading video concerning the makeup world. Kim Dao is a fashion lover. She also uploads videos on clothing and the newest fashion which is one of the reasons why she travels.

How The 2B Mindset Diet Works

The maker of the 2B Mind Set diet program has also struggled with weight loss too. Loads of people have gone through the same experience as the 2B Mind Set creator. Thousands of young Americans have gone through a weight loss or fat camp every summer after their family doctors have recommended they go on a diet. This is a humiliating and harsh experience. The 2B Mindset was created in order to improve upon the weight loss paradigm used in these guilt-ridden fat camps and many other diet programs. This diet is different because it encourages consumption of 16 ounces of water before every meal, which tricks your body into feeling full so you’d eat less. It’s also a great method of maintaining hydration for the day.

The Secret to 2B Mind Set

  • Change Your Mindset: The 2B Mind Set is all about changing your mindset or how you react to food. First, it fills you up with 16 ounces of water before every meal in order to make you eat less because your thirst is quenched and your stomach is partly full so your body thinks you’re not that hungry. From there, the program deals with the other underlying reasons you’ve struggled to lose weight through proper portioning by plate and food choice.
  • Losing Weight and Keeping It Off: The first hurdle to losing weight is actually losing the weight and fighting against your innate learned habits when it comes to (over-)eating. You should also avoid starving yourself to prevent the famine reflex from making it more difficult to lose weight. Afterwards, once you master losing the pounds, the next step is finding ways to keep the weight off so you won’t end up with a yoyo diet that makes you somehow fatter than before.
  • Unlearning Bad Habits: The secret to the 2B Mind Set is reprogramming your brain and body so that it won’t stage a mutiny against you every time you attempt to lose weight after being used to overeating for so long. This mindset program includes a Challenge Pack or Kit that offers extras like Beachbody Nutrition and Beachbody on Demand. These little additions should help you overcome your sedentary lifestyle and help you create a more positive and healthy relationship with food in order to conquer emotional eating and the like.

Tips For Researching Loan Interest Rates Online

Looking up for the best loans online may already be a challenge. But looking at the interest rates is equally difficult. A lot of people usually take loans without researching the interest rates. However, knowing which interest rate is acceptable for a certain kind of loan is very important so that you would know you are not spending too much on your loans. Here are some tips when it comes to researching about loan interests online.

Research for the right keyword
Yes, almost everything you need is already found on the internet. With just one click away, you can have more than a hundred results for just one keyword. And in order for you to be able to find the best answers online, you need to be very keen with your keywords. Sometimes, when the keyword you put in is not very specific, you end up having too much-unrelated results to your search which is very time-consuming. To find the best results for your search make sure your keywords are correct and specific.

Read a lot
Reading one article is not enough. Sometimes, you think that everything you need to know about loan interest rates can be found on just one website. However, you will be shocked to know that there are so many other articles that can give you more insights on this topic.

Compare loans
Make sure you compare one results to another and decide which one is more trustworthy. You will be able to know it by the way the article was written, by the sources they use or even by the credibility of the website. Sometimes, there are some articles that may be able to give an inaccurate percentage when it comes to loan interests.

If you want to know more about loans and their interest rates, you may click this url link – https://bestloans.net/.

Which Reading Plus Levels Have Online Answer Keys Available?

Parents will surely feel happy if they see their child’s motivation to learn lots of things. However, you cannot always monitor your kids and teach them how to read knowing that you also have to work to earn for a living. The good thing is that there are different programs that you can find online and can help you improve the knowledge and skills of your children such as the Reading Plus.

What to Expect from Reading Plus

Lots of students can benefit from Reading Plus. It will enhance their reading skills and vocabulary and also increases their motivation to learn new things. This will not only benefit the students but also the teachers because it makes it easier for them to do the teaching. On the other hand, there is also an easy way for you to get the answers you need by simply visiting the site http://medium.com/@answermethis/how-to-find-reading-plus-answers-5dfc2126610b.

Medium can provide answer keys to the majority of levels in Reading Plus. It only means that no matter what grade you are, you will surely benefit from browsing the site.  You just have to be patient when browsing the resources for you to get the best answer. As much as possible, you have to consider watching videos on YouTube or get information from Reddit because they can offer reliable answers than Quizlet.

Reaching higher levels in Reading Plus will no longer be that stressful knowing that you can easily access the answers online. This makes it easier for you to go to the next level and deal with more advanced topics. Reading Plus motivates children to read and learn more about different topics. Teachers, on the other hand, can simply track the progress of their students for them to know how fast the improvement is. With Reading Plus, you can be able to increase the confidence of your child especially when it comes to his performance in school.

Where You Can Find Kim Dao – Other Than On YouTube

Are you looking for beauty tips or products from well-known brands that just might be your Holy Grail for your skin care regime? Do you want to watch actual results and feedback of these beauty options from trusted video bloggers? Then why not go to YouTube and search for Kim Dao Youtube channel and subscribe to her videos.

There are a lot of videos posted on YouTube about how to make yourself beautiful and look fashionable at the same time. However, you cannot trust all of those beauty vlogs floating in streaming websites because not all of those who have a channel on YouTube are legit video bloggers. You have to look for someone who has shown results or outputs with the products or routines that they have tried on for a period of time. Find someone you can trust especially when your good looks depend on it.

Kim Dao is an established YouTube sensation who has gained a lot of subscribers and followers not only on Kim Dao Youtube but also in her Twitter account, Instagram account, her own website and her progressing Twitch channel. She talks about her own honest experiences with traveling, shopping and taking care of herself which is very important to her viewers who do not only idolize her but also following her good example.

Now that she has very own Twitch channel, you can now catch her live video blogs. If you want more interaction with Kim Dao herself, just go to her Twitch account whenever she is live streaming and start making a conversation. This is another option other than YouTube where you can find her filmed videos in different cities in Japan and Korea.  To check her website, you can refer to the link posted in all of her social media accounts. In there, you will be able to find written blogs about her.

Protect Yourself Online – Don’t Let People Hack Your Passwords

Hacking is one of the dangers of the modern world. It is the process of illegally acquiring information from people through one of their internet portals like emails, computers, social media sites like Instagram and many more. There have been countless victims in the past few years and many of them have already suffered a lot. Ordinary citizens and celebrities alike have already been victims so protecting ourselves should be a priority. After all, we cannot really avoid being on the internet since it is already a necessity.

Security Systems
Social media sites like Instagram have their own security systems and it is always a good idea to take advantage of them. After all, all you need to do is read the instructions that are already on the page. Most of these systems will require your phone number since they will notify you if your account was accessed somewhere else or on another device. This will also be the number that will be used in verifying your identity in case some malicious activity has been detected. After all, hacking is now very easy with Instagram password hacker online.

Good Passwords
Using your dog’s name and your birthday will not work. These passwords are inviting hackers to take whatever information they can find. Good passwords are combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. There is already a password checker when you log in to the social media site so do not take that lightly. Making long passwords can also help you out. This will delay the hacker in finding out your password. The same is true if they are using a computer to do the job for them. Once you have done this and set up the social media site properly, then there is nothing else to worry about. This means that you can now enjoy the benefits without any hassle.

Embroidered Patches: Custom Design Makes Them Stand Out

Creating embroidered patches can be a great hobby which can also help unleash the creative side in you. There are actually plenty of resources that can help you create amazing designs for your embroidered patches custom which you can use as inspiration. In fact, you can make custom patches based on several designs that will suit a particular theme or overall design that you want on a piece of clothing.

Add your Personal Style
If you want to save money and yet still be fashionable then your best option is to add embroidered patches on some of your clothing items. The right patch design will actually make your attire stand out and the best part is you did not have to spend a ton of money just to improve your wardrobe.

Before you start decorating your clothes with patches; you have to think of a design first that will go well with the fabric and overall design of your attire. It is very important to know the type of fabrics you are using so you can choose the most suitable patch design.

Tips in Creating Beautiful Designs
The best way to create embroidered patches custom is with the use of a machine and it all starts by making a design. You can get many ideas online and do make sure to pick a high-quality image especially if you want to digitize it. Take the time to find a crisp and clear image if you want to get the best results. The next step is to have the image digitized so you can get a clearer idea on how long the project will last. Do make sure to choose the best base for the design; one that will complement the whole look that you are aiming for. Do not overcrowd the patch design and instead choose the right patterns that will mesh well with one another.

FiveFinger Shoes: The Most Comfortable Footwear

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can give you the mobility and also the agility that you are looking for, then you can go for Five Finger shoes at Feelboosted.com. These Five Finger Shoes are one of the best when it comes to outdoor and athletic activities. Many people who have very active lifestyles always found it hard to look for shoes that will make them comfortable while performing physical and usually strenuous activities.

It can be very challenging to find the perfect shoes for someone who has a very active lifestyle and that is what Five Finger Shoes is there for. The company actually started out as a company that caters more to minimalism, it has continually evolved as a brand that helps give your feet the comfort and the safety that they need.

The Ultimate Good That Five Finger Shoes Can Offer You
Getting Five Finger shoes at Feelboosted.com may just be the best investment that you have ever done. Your feet may feel very tired from all that walking, running, climbing and hiking and it just needs all the rest that it can get. Through Five Finger Shoes, your feet can steer clear away from problems in the ankles, the arch, the toes or on the knees.

How does Five Finger Shoes do its magic? Are they not the same as regular shoes? Basically, Five Finger Shoes have very flexible Vibram soles and they also have models which are very tin as well. These shoes can function and well and they are are also constrained so much wherein they don’t need to move around more than necessary.

How Does Your Feet Function Well With Your Shoes On?
Five Finger Shoes makes sure that your feet are able to strike the ground. The arch of the feet should be able to roll in and also create a rotational force all around your knee as well as our hip, your lower back and up to your opposite shoulder. This force then ends up winding the connective tissues on the leg’s fascia as well as your upper and lower back and even on your shoulders.

What Makes One Data Recovery Company Better Than Another?

In the market nowadays you can find that there are hundreds of companies that offer the same services and this also goes with data retrieval companies as well. How can you find one that is perfect for your needs? One of the best ways to know whether or not a data recovery company is the one that you need is reading through the reviews.

This is because reviews are places where customers who have used the service will comment about how their problems were solved by the data retrieval company. You also get to learn more about the company as well as the services that they offer.

What Should You Consider When Hiring An Effective Data Retrieval Company?
There are many companies like Data Analyzers that you would want to look into when you are planning to hire a good data retrieval company that has a good reputation. This company is also one of the most trusted and reliable companies that you can find out there.

Always try to look into what features and services you would like to get from the company. Your data loss problems should be fixed by the company that you hire which is why it can help when you look into their portfolio.

Check Out The Company’s Processes And Data Recovery Capacities
The company you hire should have the expertise when it comes to their technical knowledge and skills. Look into the background of the company and see to it that their clients have had a good relationship and also comments about them. You can easily see this on their site, on their social media pages and even in business reviews.

Look Into The Company’s Data Recovery Infrastructure
You also have to check the infrastructure of how the company is able to recover data. This is important especially when you are trying to recover sensitive data and those that fall under controlled access. Once your drive is damaged physically then it needs to be operated in a controlled environment which is mandatory and also recommended by many hard drive manufacturers. The company that you wish to work with should be aware of this and also practice this method.

How Businesses In Denver Handle Tricky Data Recovery Problems

Handling Data Loss Problem
Since businesses nowadays are incorporating technology into their operations, it is inevitable that they will encounter some problems. Some of those problems are due to hardware while the others are due to software. And the most important thing that businesses should possess when making use of these things is the data. The data of businesses is essential—it can go from the information of their customers to the confidential accounting information or other important documents. Just imagine the horror of losing these pieces of data in a snap!

A Tricky Problem
It is definitely inconvenient to face this type of tricky problem, but when businesses face this, there is nothing they should think about for now but o find ways to recover the data. The way businesses do that is by trusting services like data recovery in Denver to solve this tricky problem. The reason why this is so is due to the fact that it is more efficient to let the experts do the job. If inexperienced people attempt to do this, the data could either get retrieved, not get affected, or worst, lost or damaged.

It is tricky to retrieve data and this is not always easy. Depending on the situation, it will take several days to solve this problem. The experts have to find out the cause, learn the right method to recover the data depending on several factors, know the type of device or software used, etc. In short, there are so many things to consider when we are talking about data recovery. For businesses, the time is of the essence and they would experience a down system, affecting the operations of the business. Those moments can mean the stoppage of productivity, lowering the profitability of the business. Of course, that is not good. The data of the business can affect every single aspect there is, so having the problem solved by the experts is the way to go.

How To Add Responsive Q&A Capabiity To A Magento Store

Having a website is not just about putting it online then everything is fine. You have to monitor its performance, rankings, and its ease of use. Doing so will not just help you to get potential clients for your business but to assist your clients as well. You might want to add plugins including magento product questions which will be of help to your site visitors. How can you add responsive Q&A portion for your website?

Add Responsive Q&A Capability To Your Magento Store
Magento plugins are used in order for you to make your site more navigational. If you have an account, setting up your magento product questions is very easy. How can you do so?

Log in to your account and then go to your dashboard. The dashboard often has everything you need. Proceed on to the Product Questions’ tab. Your questions must be easily recognized by your target audience. It might be best to have it in bold letters. You have to provide an honest, convincing answer, and a direct one. The response of the potential client will depend mostly on the answer that is why you have to make the answer loud and clear.

The magento plugin will be responsible for the design and format of the product questions and answers. On the other hand, you may prefer to customize it yourself.

A responsive design and easy to navigate tab will be of great help to your site visitors. Keep in mind, the more you update your product questions and your speed in answering queries will surely boost your sales whatever product you are selling online.

Your magento extension supplier would be of great assistance in order for you to execute this function of your website. As a client yourself, need not be afraid to ask questions.

When A Hard Drive Can Be Salvaged, And When It’s Trashed

It can be hard to decipher when you can salvage a hard drive especially when it has been in a corrupted condition for a long time. One thing you need to bear in mind is that when the components of your hard drive are still up and running, you can still recover the data that you need.

In case the hard drive has mechanical damage, you can always send it to professionals and they can look up the problem for you. Professionals will be able to quickly fix the problem and send the drive back to you in better condition.

Getting Your Files Back On Your Own
There can be many causes why a hard drive would lose your files and it depends on the range of the damage that has occurred. For simple data loss, you can always look up tutorials online and get them back on your own.

However, when it comes to a larger scale of data to recover, it will be better to contact companies like hard drive recovery in Orlando to check the problem out for you. Not only does this help locate the problem easily, but they can also solve it faster than ordinary people can. These companies are made up of professionals and experts that know what they are doing and have had experience for years.

What Happens When You Salvage Your Data?
If you know that the deletion of your files is not that complicated then you might want to attempt the recovery on your own. You need to make sure that the failure is that of the hard drive and that no other physical parts are affected. In case you need to use another computer for the retrieval then you need to remove the hard drive and then connect it to another computer by a USB universal adapter. Having prior knowledge about data recovery as well as hard drives can definitely help you when you plan on performing the recovery process yourself.

It’s Simple To Install A Magento Form Builder Extension

One of the best platforms made today is the magento form builder extension, in this platform online businesses can add an customize their own stores in magento including other features. The business owner can choose to add theme or select other forms of feature, web services and also marketing tools to enhance his magento platform.

Improving Browsing Experience
Online business owners today rely in the power of magento to improve the browsing experiences of their customers when they browse their products. With the extension on the other hand it provides another way to improve the looks of the platform due to new features and abilities offered.

The new features are made possible because of the people behind the platform they made sure that the magento community will live up to the expectations of the people relying on it, and to the people who constantly used it.

How To Install?

With magento form builder extension  you can install it with SSH, MConnect or via FTP upload.

  1. If you decide to do it with MConnect you have to secure the product key, this is free extension
  2. If its a paid extension, you must download the required files and its license key
  3. If you want the best result, it is suggested that you must upload the files to FTP root directory
  • Procedure 1: Upload the extension to FTP root directory
  • Procedure 2: Unzip the folder where the extension can be found
  • Procedure 3: Copy the App folder to your store RD using FTP
  • Procedure 4: Go to Magento admin panel, check for back-up, disable the compilations and clear the cache
  • Procedure 5: Log out of admin panel and log in again
  • Procedure 6: Activate the magento extension, make sure to provide the license key
  • Procedure 7: Confirm the installation and activate it

How Kim Dao Ended Up In Japan

Before all the fame and acknowledgement from social media, Kim Dao had a simple dream and that is to visit Japan. Just like every one of us, she wanted to visit the melting pot of technology and culture that up to now, are still thriving. And just like every one of us, she fell in love with the place and vowed that someday, she will spend more time in order to learn about it and experience the things that it can still offer. One thing is for sure up to this point, and that is the fact that she achieved one of her goals.

The Online Sensation

We can say that it would be really hard not to tell the world what Japan really is when you are already there. There are so many things to say after all and they cannot be done in just one day. This is the reason why Kim Dao started her video blogs and sure enough, the world went crazy and followed her on YouTube. What she is portraying in her videos are the things that we can see in everyday Japan and for so many reasons, we can say that that is the true essence of the place.


We can also safely say that she capitalized on information that we would not normally see in the internet. We have to admit that most of the things that we see in the internet about Japan is a bit too sensationalized. This is actually a good thing since it reflects what we can really experience when we go to japan not as visitors but citizens who are trying to experience a particular place in the world. This is a very important thing nowadays, even only in the digital world, because it allows us to see into another perspective, especially one that is from another culture.