How The 2B Mindset Diet Works

The maker of the 2B Mind Set diet program has also struggled with weight loss too. Loads of people have gone through the same experience as the 2B Mind Set creator. Thousands of young Americans have gone through a weight loss or fat camp every summer after their family doctors have recommended they go on a diet. This is a humiliating and harsh experience. The 2B Mindset was created in order to improve upon the weight loss paradigm used in these guilt-ridden fat camps and many other diet programs. This diet is different because it encourages consumption of 16 ounces of water before every meal, which tricks your body into feeling full so you’d eat less. It’s also a great method of maintaining hydration for the day.

The Secret to 2B Mind Set

  • Change Your Mindset: The 2B Mind Set is all about changing your mindset or how you react to food. First, it fills you up with 16 ounces of water before every meal in order to make you eat less because your thirst is quenched and your stomach is partly full so your body thinks you’re not that hungry. From there, the program deals with the other underlying reasons you’ve struggled to lose weight through proper portioning by plate and food choice.
  • Losing Weight and Keeping It Off: The first hurdle to losing weight is actually losing the weight and fighting against your innate learned habits when it comes to (over-)eating. You should also avoid starving yourself to prevent the famine reflex from making it more difficult to lose weight. Afterwards, once you master losing the pounds, the next step is finding ways to keep the weight off so you won’t end up with a yoyo diet that makes you somehow fatter than before.
  • Unlearning Bad Habits: The secret to the 2B Mind Set is reprogramming your brain and body so that it won’t stage a mutiny against you every time you attempt to lose weight after being used to overeating for so long. This mindset program includes a Challenge Pack or Kit that offers extras like Beachbody Nutrition and Beachbody on Demand. These little additions should help you overcome your sedentary lifestyle and help you create a more positive and healthy relationship with food in order to conquer emotional eating and the like.